Our Team of Pet Healthcare Professionals

Dr Mioara Anton

Doctor Anton received her DVM degree from University I.I. Ionescu de la Brad Romania and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association.

Doctor Anton has a strong commitment to helping animals in the community (both owned and rescued). She enjoys volunteering for Edmonton Humane Society, Alberta Task Force, and Alberta Helping Animals Society.

Her professional interests include surgeries, dental care, proactive wellness care and internal medicine.

In her free time she loves gardening, reading, spending time with her husband, grown twins, younger daughter and Leo, family’s dog.

About Our Veterinarian in Edmonton

Dr Daavini Maharaj was born in Ontario but soon her family moved to the Caribbean. While growing up it was clear to everyone that I would eventually pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I obtained my DVM from The University of The West Indies.

After graduating I went into equine practice for approximately 7 years, I then made the decision to switch into small animal practice. My areas of interest are preventive care, including nutrition, internal medicine and dentistry.

Outside of work, I enjoy crafting, checking out new restaurants and spending time with my pets.

Dr Mary Kooyman

Dr. Mary Kooyman spent her childhood on the family dairy farm in central Alberta. From a very young age her goal was to be a veterinarian. The visit from the local veterinarian to the farm was a big highlight.  After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (Saskatoon) in 1983, Dr. Kooyman practiced in the Edmonton area; initially in mixed practice; then emergency medicine and small animal practice. She worked part-time while raising her family. Mary spent 10 years working in the surgical department at the Edmonton Humane Society, performing hundreds of spay and neuter procedures. She also has performed hundreds of dental procedures, other soft tissue surgeries and orthopedics to repair animals prior to their adoption into new homes. Dr. Kooyman also enjoys solving and treating medical cases, plus discussing preventive care for pets.  

In her spare time, Mary spends horseback riding particularly western reining and trail rides with friends.

Other interests include art; gardening and reading. She lives with her husband on a farm east of  Edmonton.

With all of our services, our veterinary team strives to uphold our mission. As you might guess from our name, we take spay and neuter services very seriously. We believe in keeping the pet population down through responsible spay and neuter procedures, so that fewer animals are suffering homelessness or are euthanized in shelters. So that we can truly do our part to reduce overpopulation of cats and dogs, we keep our spay and neuter services affordable. We also act as full service veterinary professionals, and our vet team can take care of your dogs and cats health needs throughout their lives.

You might wonder why we take spay and neuter services so seriously here at Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre. Overpopulation is one part of it - homeless pets are a major problem in Edmonton and beyond. Spay and neuter services also protect your pet's health and longevity by decreasing their likelihood of developing reproductive cancers. By getting your pet spayed or neutered, you will have an easier time training your pet and they will live a longer and healthier life. Fixing your cat or dog can also promote positive behavior changes, such as reducing aggression.

See a Vet in Edmonton

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