Frequently Asked Questions About Our Veterinary Services

Read below for more information on a few of our most commonly asked questions

No matter where you live, experts recommend spaying all dogs to help keep the pet population under control. Spaying a dog before her first heat can greatly decrease the chance of your pet developing mammary tumors, can eliminate hormone variations that cause false pregnancy following a heat cycle and can prevent pyometra (a kind of uterine infection). Spaying will also reduce your pet’s desire to leave your home to find a mate.

Pet Dermatology FAQ

When your pet is showing signs of an irritating skin problem, you may be puzzled as he is miserable. Fortunately, Hamptons Animal Hospital understands these issues. Check out the answers to some frequently asked pet dermatology questions at our Edmonton clinic.

Your pet's skin can show signs of irritation such as rashes, "hot spots," patches of hair loss, or blisters. You may also feel a mysterious lump under the skin, a possible sign of a benign or malignant tumor.

Microchipping FAQ

Microchipping is the insertion of a data transceiver chip in your pet's body. This transceiver contains a unique ID number, and it transmits that number whenever an RFID scanner is run over your pet's body. The number is then used to find your pet in a nationwide pet registry database which also contains your contact information.

Vaccination FAQ

Vaccines are used to help protect your cat or dog against diseases that could be harmful or even deadly. Each vaccine contains molecules with antigens. These antigens enter your pet's body and make the body think that the disease is actually present. The body reacts by producing just enough antibodies to fight the disease and "remember" what to do should the disease ever become present in your pet's system again.