Pet Dental Care in Edmonton

Just like you need a dentist to check your teeth on a regular basis, your pet also needs their teeth to be checked. Hamptons Animal Hospital/Spay & Neuter Centre provides pet dental care services to pets in Edmonton. During your pet's normal checkups, we will inspect their teeth and see if they need any treatment. We will then schedule another appointment to take care of your pet's teeth.


Your pet's teeth will be cleaned similar to how human teeth are cleaned. We will remove plaque and tartar from their teeth and polish them. We may also perform X-rays to better evaluate your pet's oral health. They will be checked for periodontitis and any teeth that are fractured or broken. We will then determine if any further treatment is needed.


If your pet needs further treatment, we will continue working with them to resolve the issue. After we complete the treatment, particularly if it includes extractions, your pet's mouth will likely hurt, so we may prescribe them pain medication and encourage you to only feed them soft food for a while. We may also send them home with an antibiotic if their mouth is infected.


In addition to providing in-office cleanings and treatment, we can also provide pet owners with advice on how to take care of their pet's teeth in between appointments. This advice may include recommendations for certain types of food and treats or an explanation of how to clean their teeth. By doing these things, your pet will be less likely to experience serious dental problems, which will make their visits with us go much smoother.

Call us at (780) 489-3203 to learn more about pet dental care or to schedule an appointment for your pet. Together, we will take care of your pet's oral health so that they can be healthy and happy.