The Pet Healthcare Services That We Offer

Total Vet Care Services for Dogs & Cats in Edmonton

With years of education and experience, the team from Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre wants to keep your dog or cat healthy and happy for years to come. That’s why we offer such a varied list of veterinary services. From vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and wellness exams to emergency care, nutrition counselling, and animal dental care, Edmonton pet owners can find all they need for their pet's unique health needs. Our staff is committed to delivering top of the line healthcare for dogs and cats throughout Edmonton. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our many vet services.


Routine Exams and Vaccines

We generally recommend comprehensive wellness exams anywhere from once to twice a year. These exams allow us to keep track of any changes in your pet's health. We can also use these appointments to ensure that your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations.


Preventative Care

Our preventative care services include parasite prevention and control. Whether you have an indoor and outdoor pet, it's vital to have him or her on the proper flea, tick, and parasite prevention program to avoid health problems down the road. We can assist with this in our office.


Diagnosis and Treatment

Whether you have a dog, cat or exotic animal, treatment begins with an exam or checkup at your Edmonton vet. We want to keep your pet healthy and check all aspects of their health. We provide vaccines, dental care, spay and neutering, surgery, and treatment of parasites. Call for a wellness checkup to keep your pet healthy.

We treat all types of pet illnesses and provide surgery when needed. Call our office to set up an appointment for your pet for an exam at (780) 489-3203.


Spaying and Neutering

Do your part to control the pet population and your pet's health by having him or her spayed/neutered. This simple procedure can save your pet from a number of health problems and improve overall temperament.

There are many benefits to having your pet spayed or neutered. When you spay or neuter your Edmonton pet, you help control pet homelessness in the area. Spaying and neutering also provides health and behavioural benefits for your cat or dog. Spaying your female pet, for example, helps prevent breast tumors and uterine infections and gives them a better chance of living a longer, healthier life. Neutered male pets avoid testicular cancer and some prostate issues. The behavioural benefit of spaying or neutering includes better-behaved male pets, keeps male dogs from roaming away from home, and prevents female pets from going into heat. Set up an appointment with our spay and neuter Edmonton clinic today.

Some dogs are born with an extra digit inside their paws, known as dewclaws. Many dogs find front dewclaws to be useful, but back dewclaws are looser and sometimes not properly attached. This can result in accidental detachments, an extremely painful event which could lead to infection. Our team strongly recommends getting your dog’s dewclaw removed, especially for dogs that like to dig or are very active indoors and outdoors. Removing dewclaws early is the best practice, our team finds.

Conveniently, our team can remove dewclaws during scheduled spaying or neutering procedures for a small additional fee. Older dogs are given anesthesia and younger dogs can undergo the surgery with local painkillers. Save time and save money by choosing Hamptons Animal Hospital/ Spay & Neuter Centre.